weed30May 8, 2011

I don't know a whole lot about peonies other than they are very pretty, and I am probably on my way to an addiction. I picked one up today, but I think it might have been mislabeled, because it didn't look like the others with the same name. The tag said Duchesse de Nemours. Here are some photos I took after I planted it:

The large base petals are the palest pink, and the center fluffy part is white with some very light creamy yellow towards the base. I really like the little hot pink thingies in the center!

So is this a Duchesse de Nemours?

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Definitely not Duchesse de Nemours. I have several and the center is just more ruffled petals, no hot pink thingies at all.

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please share peony with me for red one. i can send you.

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