Pictures of my W. Robusta

kaotickellyMarch 17, 2012

Greeting its March 17th 2012. So Happy St. Patricks Day to you all! And I hope all you green thumbs are ready for planting in the spring. I know I am. Getting ready to cultivate my garden. It also has been good weather this week here in New Mexico, its been like 72-75 Degrees here, and awesome. Anyway I finally took some pictures of my Washingtonia Robustas. They have survived the winter and were kept inside the whole time. They turned 6 months on the 11th of March. So here they are.

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Nice Kelly. I have a a w. filifera about the same size as the one in your first pic. It grew slowly over the winter but I think it is picking up speed now that my little greenhouse is heating up. BTW what kinda of soil do you havre there in those pots?

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Wow thats awesome Earthworm73... Well the soil is from out back yard. Its our own organic Soil from years of wood chips from our fire wood that accumulated. That i Sifted on my own to make a soil type. I always mix it with potting soil and the fine wood chip soil it make a great water retainer.

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They look good! Definitely growing just like they would in their native enviorment! Cant wait to see them get even taller! It will probably need a new pot by this time next year, maybe sooner!
The weather has been nice here too, but the influence of the ocean has kept things cooler here during the day then inland (where it has been in the 70s and 80s!). Already getting tons of things ready. Planted some bulbs and as you saw, took lots of plants outside too (even more now than in my last update). Hoping we dont have a freeze, thats my biggest concern right now, but the forecast looks good right up to the end of March!

Thanks for sharing! I tried Filifera seeds once but never got a spout so I always like seeing people having success with palms from seeds since I never can!

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Alex I got my filifera seeds from a source in Dallas. I had a low percent of germination but I don't know how old the seeds were. But the one I kept is very vigorous. It was the very first one to sprout and is the fastest growing. It seems to grow even if the temps are somewhat cool which is a good thing for up here. I can't wait to see what it look like at the end of the growing season.

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Hey thanks alex... Yeah i plant to get some flower bulbs too. Im excited for spring to come around im tired of this winter weather, its so weird here the weather is so bipolar. Yesterday was sunny and like 67 degrees and now i woke up to it snowing like a blizzard weird weather. LOL oh an alex yeah your yard looks awesome. Where are you at again? And as for filifera goes I wanted to plant those but people have been telling me that they are slow growers. But im happy with my W. Robustas. Cant wait for them to Grow even more taller and faster. Do you think i should give them Fertilizer or mirical grow? or is it too soon? Well good day to you all.

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