Garden 3-11-12

jimhardyMarch 11, 2012

This will get lights and a cover if it gets below 26F again.



Completely undamaged and already getting it's color back.

Exactly 5' tall and unprotetced the last 2 winters.


Graptopetalum flowering.....




The little cactus that I put the bar under(lower left)

is already starting to reinflate for summer,in a few days/weeks it will stand up like a....real cactus!

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It's Alive!!!! Can't wait to see how big she gets this year!
I pulled out my tender EE's this weekend also. Probably will plant Siam Ruby tomorrow.

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I cant even imagine how good your yard is going to look this year! Your yard gets 10x more tropical every year and it is getting a pretty good head start this year!
Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks guys

I dropped the ball on some stuff,I didn't dig up the fruiting
Bananas or EE's or Borneo giant.

I want a little less clutter this year and a neater cleaner
appearence,we'll see if that works out(-:

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Nice tropical garden,I like it.

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Should be cool to see how your yard looks! I didnt think that your yard looked cluttered at all, but I definitely understand wanting a bit of a more organized look.
I'm changing mine a little bit too. Actually I think Im going to make mine a bit more cluttered. The Ice Cream banana and saba are only going to be about 5 feet apart from each other so Im hoping they make a nice tropical canopy overhead by the end of the summer. I cant wait to get these plants in the ground again. Forecast is good enough to plant, but its way to risky to plant tropicals this early!


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It really is early isn't it!

Thats why I didn't plant any thing out of the pots just yet....
leaving my Bananas-etc inside while it is in the upper 50s
to low 60s and highs well into the 80s would be a sin!

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