applying Neem oil

drich30099March 26, 2013

Help, the spider mites won't go away! About every couple of weeks i still see webs, close to the stem of my 13+ ft. queen palm. I have been soaking a rag with watered down neem oil per directions, and applying as well as I can. Any other suggestions for applying neem/getting rid of spider mites? Can't spray because it's in my living room!!

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Whenever I've used neem oil I drench the plants until dripping. If you have to take it outside on a day to spray it I would. I would hose it down first and the clean off any trace of the mites before spraying . It should be warm enough that it could tolerate a brief amount of time in the 50s. Also, it won't be long before it can go out for good, so be patient.

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Well, I just checked the label on my organicide and I did not see neem oil in the ingredient list it says sesame oil as main! What should I go and pick up or can I make a mix of soap, water? Should I treat the soil?

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How often are you misting it? If you mist both sides of the fronds at least 2-3 times a week for a while you'll get rid of them. And after a few weeks you wont have to mist as much to keep them away. I had to do that to keep spider mites off my coconut palms.
And I agree with bradelyo. If you can you should take it outside and hose it down pretty good.

- US_Marine

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