Starting tree peony from cuttings, crazy?

haveatry2(Zone 7)May 9, 2010

Starting tree peony from cuttings, seems crazy?

I am now trying it. Twenty softwoods, cut off just after blossom, with some small axillary buds on it. 3/2 forliages off. Put in a transparent closed frame in the room, some scattered light. Medium is peat and sands. Some ABT hormone used. Any suggestions?

Actually, I tried tree peony cuttings the year before last with some success. That were in Oct. , semi hardwood, no leafs. 16/40 rooted in the next Jan..I sent it back to my farther, transplanted in my hometown, all died. Pity.

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Before the age of rapid transportation tp's and other plants were handled as cutting. The books that I have tell you to handle as any other cutting but do not mention hard or soft wood. I personally think it was semisoft wood since most mention June as the month to do the cuttings. Probably rather than scattered light darkness.

Currently there is a method circulating where you remove one of the leaf axels and the press the ruff velcro patch of about an inch by an inch patch dipped in AABT?? hormone into the stem. Am waiting results.

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haveatry2(Zone 7)

Thanks for the info.
Actually, in China, tree peony cutting is suggest to be in Oct, while you just mentioned June.
I am wondering, why there is such a big difference.

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Probably what worked in each area the best. It could be several different things including green or older wood but I would be guessing because I do not have a book detailing Chinese processes. Wish I did but those I have found have been in Chinese.

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haveatry2(Zone 7)

I am chinese, and got a partly success to make cuttings root.
So I am interested in the other way,cutting in May and June, why not have a try?

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