1st Itoh Buds!

lizbest1(5)May 14, 2013

I planted several Itohs 3 years ago, not all survived the first summer (spring planted and the roots were very small). I still have Berry Garcia, Strawberry Blonde and Singing in the Rain from that batch and Singing in the Rain has several buds! Can't wait, I'll be posting pics when they start opening! Berry Garcia and Strawberry Blonde aren't as tall yet as Singing but both have several short stems, hopefully they'll bloom this spring, too.....

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Wow, that is really awesome. I look forward to see your blooms too. I hope you don't get any weird weather that may affect your blooms. I have never heard off itoh peonies Berry Garcia, Strawberry Blonde and I am hoping that you will get buds on those too. Can I ask where did you find/buy these itoh gems?

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I got 5 at the same time from Select Plus Lilacs out of Canada, others were Magical Mystery Tour and Mock Orange Yellow that never came up. If you want to see their Itoh selections try http://www.spi.8m.com/peonycat.html. The plants I received had very tiny roots and I thought I'd lost all of them until this spring when the 3 came up, never even noticed them last spring. I can't say that I'd recommend that company although when I look at their site now most say that they're sending 3-5 eye plants. They have so many varieties it's worth taking a look just to be amazed by the different blooms!
There are so many named Itohs that it's not unusual to come across unfamiliar ones. I will post pics if they bloom this year and I will certainly be posting an offer to trade when they're big enough to divide, think it's probably safer to get different varieties that way than some of the crazy places I've tried!

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Hi! Thanks for the above info. How are your itoh buds doiing? I hope to see photos of them soon. Do you have any other peony blooming in your garden?

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I have lots of buds but nothing blooming yet. Noticed a tiny bud on the Berry Garcia yesterday, don't know if it's going to be big enough for actual blooms, though. The pic is of the Singing in the Rain, can see at least 1 good sized bud there!

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The micro-propagated itoh peony seems to be a better buy compare to a bare-root. I bought bare root with 3 eyes or more and several micro-propagated peony with original 1-2 stem and the bare root shoot up only two tiny healthy stem this spring. The micro-propagated are already 5-6 very tall stem and the Cora Louise and Morning Lilac have some buds showing up as well.

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I'm going to show my ignorance and ask what is the difference? I assume the ones I ordered from Select Plus were micro-propagated, I was horrified when I saw just how little root there was with my (at the time) very expensive new peonies. 2 of the 5 I purchased died completely the 1st year, too--do they need to be treated differently?
I bought several bareroot Itohs this year, it'll be interesting to see how they stack up against the original 3 that survived next spring.
Peony05, do you have a source for the micro-propagated peonies you like? I'd like to look! And please post some pics when yours blooms!

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Yes, I will post them when they flower, and I'll also post picture between the bare-root and micro-propagated plant I planted last fall just to show how vigorous and tall are the propagated plant. I thought the one you bought from Select Plus were bare-root because I thought they sell bare-root peonies but I guess not. I know that the plant I bought are micro-propagated from our garden center because their supplier (http://www.perennials.com/content/introducing-the-itoh-peony/) buy itoh peony from planteck.

I just read your previous post, and I realized that you bought a plant rather than bare root from Select Plus. Probably the plant you bought were 1 year old plant who knows. The plants I bought from our nurseries were already quite tall and although only 1 stem there are already several eyes bellow the stem that has developed.

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These are my 1 year itoh peony from our garden center.

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Here are another few planted last year.

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And here is the bare-root Itoh with 3-4 eyes

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They look really nice, Peony05. What are they?

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Peony05, your 1 year plants look a lot like mine now! My Singing in the Rain is verging on blooming and the other 2 look like they're a good couple of weeks at least behind. Looking forward to seeing your blooms!

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Thanks. These are a mixture of Bartzella, Singing in the Rain, Yankee Doddle Dandy, Magical Mystery Tour, Cora Louise and Morning Lilac. Bartzella, Cora Louise, and Morning Lilac already have flower buds.. It seems like the buds will open very soon as well especially the Morning Lilac and Cora Louise. I am looking forward of seeing your Singing in the Rain blooms. I have to wait maybe next year for my Singing in the Rain to flower.

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Hi Folks: I bought Singing In The Rain from a local garden center in a 2 gallon container. This picture is from a second year bloom season. It was rather expensive....$80.00. The garden center I purchased it from is rather pricy, but I wanted it and I was on a waiting list for two years.

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Singin in the Rain is a beauty! It is no wonder it is so popular. Such an unusual peach cream color. It is very nice.

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Looked today, still no open blooms but I HAVE 14 BUDS on the SINGING IN THE RAIN!!! Not excited much, huh? Strawberry Blonde has 4 buds and Berry Garcia has 1 and all look like they're past the drying up and falling off stage so maybe.....barring hailstorms.....If we have a hail storm and I'm home I'll probably be beaten up 'cause I'm going to be out there balancing 3 umbrellas......

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Hello peony lovers! I have these peonies in my collection. Most are fairly young but I love them all. If you like to follow me - my Instagram and twitter name is Peonycanada. I spent a bundle on these but I can't imagine summer without them :)

Crème A LâÂÂOrange
Strawberry Crème Brulee
Enduring Rainbow
June Moon
Dark Knight
HaleighâÂÂs Hallelujah
Ruth Bibace
Norwegian Blush
Sequestered Sunshine
First Arrival
Scarlet Heaven
Lemon Dream
Border Charm
Cora Louise
Old Rose Dandy
Prairie Charm
Berry Garcia
Raggedy Ann
Singing In The Rain
Smith Family Yellow
Kopper Kettle
Garden Treasure
Candy Cane
Magical Mystery Tour
Morning Lilac
AlâÂÂs Choice
Amy Jo
CallieâÂÂs Memories
Going Bananas
HaleighâÂÂs Comet
Pastel Splendor
Pink Double Dandy
Scarlet Heaven
Yankee Double Dandy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog

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Nette 10: Nice list of peonies. It must be absolutely beautiful when they are all in bloom. I too can not image gardening without peonies. Canada has absolutely beautiful peonies that we can not get in the U.S.A. and nice Blog

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Beautiful peonies!! I haven't even heard of some of them, I'll be looking for pics!

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Thank you both! I just ordered them recently so I only have Border Charm, Singing In The Rain, Bartzella, Morning Lilac, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Scarlet Heaven and maybe a couple more. I can't wait to see more next year. I am a little nervous that since they are spring planted, they may not survive the first year.

I want so many others but they are only available in the US. Kind of sad about that. I am looking for Unique, White Emperor and a few others. I don't know if there are any vendors who are able to send them to me - I don't mind paying for phyto certificates.

Anyway, thanks again. If you like to see some photos - you can see it on Instagram under peonycanada or on my blog.


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Interesting to see what some people are selling as itoh peonies. I bought Misaka for $80 this past spring. I planted in April and had a plant that was 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide with at least 30 blooms. I could probably divide it into many plants. Fortunately, I earned enough discount points with the nursery to buy the next one (in June) with a 60 % discount. That is about $32 for a Takara that was even larger than the Misaka.

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when should I expect my first buds on the ITOH peonies. I have. All but one were established plants in 5 gal pots. I know that does not mean much but it is the only reference I have. All my other peonies are very young or young and showing buds. I just wonder if ITOH's take a few years. The buds are not covered. Thanks Suzy in Southern Oregon

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If you start out with the 5 gallon pots itoh plants, you should have blooms this year. From starter plants, maybe 2-3 years.

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Love the Itoh Peonies!
Bought my first one today in 5 gallon size with 11 buds almost
ready to bloom. ($75.00)
Plan to grow and divide them to sell as cut flowers.
This is the type I bought- Takara⢠(Treasure) Itoh Peony
I will post pics of blooms soon.

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