Mule Palm Resurrected From The Dead!

joey_powell(8b (15.1F) USDA 2012)March 26, 2013

You might not believe this...but I promise this is a true story. Remember about three years ago when I posted on here about my medium sized mule palm that unexpectedly had a spear pull in May of 2010?

The last couple of Springs I have thought about taking it up and replacing it with something, but the whole time it has maintained at least some green on its existing leaves.

Now today, almost THREE YEARS later, guess what I found!!!???:

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joey_powell(8b (15.1F) USDA 2012)

Here's a wider shot of the palm. You can see what condition it is in after almost three years of no new growth.

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That's pretty amazing. Your patience may have paid off... I hope your palm is on a path of recovery. Mule Palms are gorgeous.

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Hi. That's amazing!!! Mule palms are excellent. Worth saving it. Maybe you might want to fertilize it once the soil has warmed up.

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That's so cool! I'm glad it survived for you. Palms are always full of surprises. I would never get rid of a palm that's green because if they stay green for that long then they must have some sort of life in it. I hope your mule palm takes off this year although I must admit considering it hasn't grown in almost 3 years, it looks really great!
Keep us updated!

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I am not aware of the story. What were your temps when you thought you lost it?

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That is incredible, I've never heard of that before.

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That's awesome news. Mule palms that size are expensive, so nice that it can be saved. I'm sure you paid a pretty penny for it. I have a trachy with over 2 feet of trunk in the same boat, hasn't grown for the last 3 years at all. If I don't see growth this spring, I'm ripping it out and replacing it.

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Thats interesting. Never seen that before. But keep an eye on the new spears. If they dont start to regain size by the end of summer thats not a good sign. It should be fine though.

- US_Marine

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