Sabal Birmingham in decline or possible comeback?

islandbreezeMarch 28, 2012

I overwintered my potted Sabal Birmingham in my garage, where it definitely did not do well. The only thing I can think of is not enough water OR....bud rot. Or sunburn? Even after I brought it back in the garage, it continued to dry up. Here are some before and after pics of the palm in question. The latter pics are what it looked like when I set it out during a warm spell we had in early February. I cut the dried up spear leaf down, and you can see some black mold or rot on the spear leaf, but it looks like it may be growing out of it??? What do you guys think?

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Hope it is coming back,Sabals are very tough and rarely spear-pull except when very small IME

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I hope so too Jim, I would mind as much if it wasn't a more rare, expensive palm, but it is. Even if it does start to recover, it'll probably take 2 summers just to refoliate to the point that it was before.

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