Anybody remember 'Blue Lagoon' from Wally World?

mary_lu_gwMay 21, 2007

I had purchased 2 packages of the Blue Lagoon. All 4 plants grew and each are a little different. But, this one is exceptional, at least I think so... definitely not blue, but I love it. Sure wish I knew what the name of it really was!

When it first blooms, the colors are darker, but as it ages it really is different. The pictures were taken at different times of the day. The ones from tonight have a little more blue cast due to the evening light vs morning light.

This is the bloom when it first opens.

These were taken tonight, maybe 2 days after it opened?

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

Well, they may not be "blue," but they sure are pretty! I remember that thread well.


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bean_counter_z4(Zone 4, Rkfd,IL)

I agree, very pretty.

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wow, thank you. that one's just opened up yesterday in my yard. I thought it was "bowl of beauty", & I couldn't remember planting that one. now I know which one it is. I did plant "blue lagoon" in my yard 2 years ago. but some of my peonies didn't get planted deep enough, & I lost some. I thought this was one of them. I plan to go cut it & take it to work to "show off". thanks for naming it for me.

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I too bought a package of Blue Lagoon. Mine bloomed the first year and the plants this year are gorgeous, but, the flowers a very pale pink. They are shaped like yours though, oh, and they stink!

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carol_the_dabbler(Z5/6 Indiana)

I emailed Hollingsworth Nursery recently with a question about pollen, and got a prompt reply from Don Hollingsworth, in which he mentioned that pollen odor is "often strong and sometimes offensive." So, Chris, apparently your 'Pink Lagoon' flowers are well endowed with pollen -- good news for the neighborhood bees!

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carol_the_dabbler(Z5/6 Indiana)

Are there two different ways of posting photos on this forum? I can see the photos on some threads, but not on others. This thread is a "no show."

If anyone can suggest a reason why I'm having this problem, I'd be very grateful!

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Is it possible that you have blocked images from Photobucket? That is where these images are stored. Right click on the little box you see and check the pop-up menu. There are various options and one would be to "block images from ..."

yes there are different ways to post pictures, they can be thumbnails or full pictures, but that should not make a difference to whether you see them or not.

They should be visible as I have not moved them from the Photobucket account.

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carol_the_dabbler(Z5/6 Indiana)

Thanks for your response, Mary Lu. Where is the little box that you're talking about? If you mean one of those "we can't find that image" symbols, I'm not seeing any of them here either -- just your two paragraphs, then a double space, then your first caption, and another double space, and your second caption.

Or is the little box on some other page?

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carol, you have mail.

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carol_the_dabbler(Z5/6 Indiana)

Thanks, Marylu. I can see the photos fine on your web page, so my problem isn't with the photos per se. Does anyone have an idea why I can't see them here?

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goodhors(z5 MI)

None of my Blue Lagoon peonies look like your photo. However they also, are each different, and fairly attractive. One that bloomed well this year, was baby pink with smaller 5" flowers, single petal layers. However the whole bush was covered, must have been 30-40 flowers! I thought it lovely colored, certainly appreciated the flowers!

None of the flowers from the Blue Lagoon packages were blue or even close to a purple or violet shade. They do add a nice variety of pink colors and shapes to the row of Peonies, which I enjoy. Is this the third year since sales? Mine are just looking nice now. Not much of anything before this spring.

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martina7(Vienna Austria)

to me it looks like the paeony i got for present last fall - i decided it is gedenken. it has a faboulos smell. and 3-4 flowers at every twig.

(my nursery is a mean one: so far all of my peonies are fine. and the give me presents: the never name it but call it "free" or "thank you". and those roots weigh about 1 lb.)


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