Areca ID help needed

bomgMarch 6, 2011


The following plant was sold to me as an Areca catechu dwarf. Can someone please verify the ID of this plant for me? TIA.

This is the trunk.

I notice it has petioles and belatedly read that dwarfs don't have any.

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Its definitely some kind of Areca catechu. It might be the normal form (it probably is), but it could also be the dwarf. Since it has the petioles, Im going to say that its the normal form. Its a beautiful palm either way! I tried growing one as a potted plant, but it just couldnt take the dry weather we have in the fall and spending time indoors.
Good luck!

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Thanks tropicalzone! Sorry to hear about your palm, though.

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I looked around on ebay and saw this areca catechu yellow fruited form (dwarf form?) price is $50 (w/o shipping it is $30). Should I buy it? I could have it in a bright sunny south facing bedroom window and give it a shower every week and will do my best to never let it dry out (I killed a plant once because of overwatering, so I will keep a good eye on it and place it in a plastic white pot to prevent overheating and drying out. The issue is humidity, i don't have alot of time to get a new humidifier by spring, but by winter 2014 I should have one. I hear they spot up at 45-50, so could I keep it out at night when temps are at 55-60? Or is 60 the cutoff?

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