How deep do itoh peonies need to be planted?

stevelau1911May 2, 2012

This is my 15 gallon itoh peony which has 16 stems, and I plan to split it into 4 by around fall, and plant them into the ground. When is the best time to split it?

How deep should I put them? This is the Keiko pink type, and this type of itoh peony produces all woody stems so I'm guessing that it probably behaves just like a tree peony. My goal is to make it produce as many new shoots as possible so I'm wondering if it will help to plant it deeper.

Here is a link that might be useful: Itoh peony stems

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I was told by the nursery from which I purchased Bartzella not to plant it too deep--just an inch or two.

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I guess shoots will still try to emerge from the same point even if they are planted deeper, but my problem is that one of the woody stems is partially snapped, but still viable, and I am hoping to save this section.

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