Does Anyone Grow Sugar N Spice Peony?

lizbest1(5)June 7, 2013

This post is sort of a follow up to Project ID off to a Poor Start. This peony did not fit a single description from any peony I can confirm that I bought so I thought it could've been a mis-id from a grower. Contacted a couple of companies I bought from and got a response already from Fina Gardens, they suggested it could be Sugar N Spice. Adelman's Peony Paradise sells that one and I've ordered from them several times, I sent them an email with the description to see if Fina could be right. The color of the mature bloom looks the same but not sure. Does anyone in the forum grow that variety? Does it look right to you, if so? The shrub is appx 30-36" tall and a bit wider than high. Blooms are single and cupped, loose fist sized. Oldest blooms opened flat after the rain a few days ago and range from 6-7" wide. Petals are the thin, crepe paper looking type. No side buds, very erect shrub, no sagging even after very heavy rain. There are a couple of pics of the buds and blooms in the Project ID post.

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I have not grown this peony, but would love to see more pictures of it when it opens. Beautiful, even if the name may be incorrect, it is still going to be lovely.

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