Why are some of my tree peonies getting chlorosis?

stevelau1911June 10, 2013

This one happens to be the yellow kinshi tree peony, but I've found that some plants happen to be bound to getting chlorosis despite being treated the same way as other ones that happen to be dark green.

Is this just something to do with the species, or is there something else going on? I do fertilize and aerate them annually.

Here's a picture.

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Whats your PH? Where I live on this gyp hill, I have to constantly treat all my peonies with iron. We have alkaline soil and alkaline water both. i add sulpher to the soil every fall. Once I actually got one beds PH down to 7.2.Most of the beds run around 8. If I ever move again, the soil gets tested first. I buy iron from Rosecare.com. It's expensive but works quickly.

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I have the same problem with one of my herbaceous peonies. My Alexander Woollcott herbaceous peony has the same exact yellow coloring as your tree peony with chlorosis and the 4 peonies growing 2 feet from this plant in the same bed show no such yellowing foliage condition. How can one plant be deficient in certain nutrients and the others do not when the soil condition is one and the same?

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I really have no idea because many of my tree peonies have absolute no signs of chlorosis. I guess I might have to add some gypsum and work it in to improve the soil around the ones that are looking like this, and hope that it helps out with whatever is wrong with it.

Perhaps some ironite and rabbit manure may help too.

Most of them look nice and green like this.

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