small scale golf courses...

woodycrest(Ontario, Canada)March 21, 2004

Could the concept of permaculture be applied in a small scale golf course environment?

i look after 2 pitch and putt golf courses each on approx 4 acres.i am already using only organic fertilizer(mostly corn meal so far) and have seen amazing results. Healthy and abundant wildlife, huge increase in worm population and deep green turf.

This year will be season 2 using the organic approach.

THe Skeptics roll their eyes, and give me doubting looks quite often, but i am certain the results will speak for themselves :) just looking for some feedback.

I have near 100% control over the maintenance so i can implement whatever 'program' i choose.


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Good job!
Do you know about the Jack Niclaus Golf course designed by Eco Systems Design ? If not, go take a look! It may give you ideas...

Way to go! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Eco Systems Design

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woodycrest(Ontario, Canada)

So, I'm on the right track, thanks :)
thanks for the link.

Course#1 was built in 1925 by our Cottagers Association, it is flat, and the soil is very sandy. There is no irrigation, and the course has never(as far as i know) seen pesticides, or synthetic fertilzers.
After 10 years of improper mowing the course was looking really bad, so i took over three years ago. After 2 years of only consistent mowing the turf improved exponentially! Last season i started using corn to fertilize. I except some impressive greens out there this year.

Course#2 was built in 1978 by a local guy for his own use.
THis course has a system of three ponds, it is hilly, and is beside 6 acres of maple sugar bush. The soil varies form hard clay, to black loam, and everything in between.
After years of pesticides and synthetic fertilizer and inconsistent mowing practices it was starting to look shabby. I started working out there three years ago, and again, just consistent mowing has improved the turf. I started using corn to fertilize out there last spring on the greens. WOW!!!! THe results have been incredible.
I overseeded the fairways on both courses last fall,should be some nice fairways this year.

These courses the perfect place to 'showcase' the organic approach. They are highly visible to traffic and are quick to play, and they are free (donations gladly accepted ).
My focus is to keep costs as close to zero as possible, let nature do the work. :)

Just waiting for the warm weather to wake up the turf...

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Jerome at Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute has done some wonderful work with local golf courses in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Check out the link below for more information.

Here is a link that might be useful: permaculture golf courses

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scomo(ontario canada)

Wow, your project sounds really cool. I would like to know more about it. What kind of other initiatives have you been involved with. I think that the greening of the golf industry shows a major change in societies values and I am excited to see all the new techniques used.

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I am building a putting green in the back of my garden much to my wife's displeasure. I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. the climate is similar to that of Georgia or so I've been told. I am friendly with a local Golf course and they have agreed to give me some grass seed for greens which I'm assuming is a kind of Bentgrass. My question is about drainage. As I will only use it now and again do I need to worry about putting in a topsoil sand layer and if so how thick would you recommend? is 12 inches enough?

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Also does anyone know when I lay the grass seed how I can keep birds of it. There is one species of bird that has decimated my lawn before. Its name is the I read someone ties a fine net with stakes over the grass. I don't think i can get a net this big for a golf green. Does anyone else have any ideas?

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