ebsterJune 26, 2007

Just got Jung's catalog and it lists Bartzella for $69.95. They don't have as good reviews as other nurseries like Adelman. Wonder if I should take a chance.

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If it would be me I wouldn't risk $70 for uncertain quality plant from so-so company.
If I'd be inclined to buy good yellow ITOH, I'd rather spend $120 with Hollingsworth and got the real 'Garden Treasure' of superb quality.

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oshenar(rainy West Coast z8)

What did Jung's get their negative reviews for? Bad quality plants? Mislabeled plants? Bad service? Don't buy from them if they don't have a good reputation, unless you can visit them yourself and look at the plants in person.

As for the 70 buck price tag...don't be put off because it is cheaper than expected. I know that Bartzella used be around 300 bucks. I paid that much for my first plant, a mini two eyed sapling. However, the price of Bartzella that you have there is about right. I don't think it is a hoax by Jung's. We have Intersectionals at garden centers now selling for about 60 bucks average. Finally after all these years, the price of Bartzella and company are getting more affordable.

Intersectinals grow extremely fast, Bartzella in particular. So don't be put off by a small sized division. As long as it has healthy growth eyes, it will be fine. I bought a few Bartzellas for 30 bucks from the garden store sale last winter. I was a little skeptical at first, but so far they are all alive, thriving and getting bigger by the moment. Meanwhile the 300 dollar sapling has now grown into a nice medium-sized specimen plant (it took 2 years). Also be aware that the flowers may look like sh-t in the first year. It gets better and better as it gets older.



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