Any suggestions for websites with permaculture photos?

sweetpea_path(Z8 WA maritime)March 31, 2008

Hello to all ~ I'm looking for suggestions on websites to visit that might have good photos of gardens designed around the permaculture philosophy. I find that there's only so much of the written word I can absorb before I need to see pictures to actually understand! Hopefully some of you can pass along some suggestions for me...? My particular area of interest is the home garden in a rural setting that integrates food production with ornamentals, but I'd enjoy looking at any photos of gardens utilizing permaculture design principles.

Thanks a lot,


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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

g'day sweetpea,

i don't know of any sites in aprticular that you seek, there eaaly isn't anything unique in "permaculture" garden layout it basically all stems from other philosophies and a big dose of common sense.

ie.,. plant everything along the contours even the raised gardens, and it makes good sense to have the herb garden enar the kitchen for ease of access to cooking herbs, and the vege' gardens are always best closer to the kitchen as well, as for the zones don't be to concerened with then they may apply on larger acreage eg.,. 15 acres or so larger but you jsut put gardens where they best suit your landscape, i always keep the whow gardens seperate from the vege' gardens as you want the vege gardens in the best orientation and aspect.

so yo can pretty much treat everything where you want to grow food plants as zone 1 if you wished.


Here is a link that might be useful: len's garden page

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trilliumgreen(7 PNW)

I too, would appreciate any picture of permaculture or edible landscaping. Even if there is nothing unique in the layout, it is still inspiring to see what others have done, and in part I garden for the beauty of it. As for my yard, I'm just getting going, and my digital camera is broken :(

Here are 2 webpages I've stumbled across. The first one is a blog that hasn't been updated for a while. I really enjoyed it, and hope the author is just taking a winter hiatus:

The second one has a nice chronology of pictures. Its nice to see where folks have come from:

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Here is a good place to start! They have some pretty awesome classes in the Spring and Summer

Here is a link that might be useful: Portland Permaculture

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try doing a search on youtube and you can get a tour of some permie gardens, I love looking at them.

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There's a new site called that has a photolog section which includes a bunch of images that illustrate the permaculture principles. It might be useful. It also has a link to a youtube channel with videos.

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