Key West (2 pics)

jaynboro(7 TN)March 13, 2011

Thought I'd share this pic with everybody. Currently in Key West and saw the porch railing on this house and had to go back for a pic!

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jaynboro(7 TN)

Correction....make that only one pic!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Very keeping with the Key West look.

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Pretty nice look.

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Nice railing.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hope you are having a great time!!!

Great looking woodwork on the deck...i bet the rest of the structure is just as beautiful!!!

Take care and enjoy the sunshine!!!

Laura in VB

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

I want to go to the keys. I would love to live on one of them but as Alex pointed out,they probably do get hit hard with storms. Hawaii is where I want to live the most but gas is over 6 bucks a gallon there!
What I want to do is live in a warm enough place so I can put my coconut palm in the ground and not ever have to worry about it freezing. That will probably never happen. I hope you had fun In Key west! I know I would!

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Hawaii is beautiful! Im not sure if I would want to live there though because apparently people do get a bit mainland sick! Most of the islands are only about 50 miles or so wide and Hawaii is a good 5 hour plane ride from any other major cities.
I had an amazing time in Hawaii, but the first day I was there, the cable was not working at the hotel, or anywhere in the state because something happened to a wire in the ocean (Hawaii gets its internet and cable by a long cable stetching across the ocean floor from the west coast of the USA to the islands). I think it took several months to fix the wire in the ocean, but the re directed the cable/internet to a different wire so that problem was mostly working in just a few hours. It wasnt a problem for me since I prefer the outdoors, but I guess that is something to consider when living there!


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