A question of transport

JACK_Schwend(7B)June 3, 2005

I have two questions.

1-I'm moving way out of state. I'm not driving,but flying. I have a plant I've babied for 4 years and want to mail it to my new home. It's done blooming as far as I can tell. Will it last the 3 days it takes to get where I'm going,cleaned and wraped in paper,packed in a box?

2-I've noticed that there are small red bulb like things left when the peddles fall off the flower. Are those new starts? I've look on line and all I can find it instructions on dividing and nothing about what those are.

Dummy Jack

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

1. use dampish newspaper, and 3 days should be okay. Not sopping wet newspaper, but not crackling dry, either.

2. The red bulb like things left when the petals fall off are seed pods. Cut them off, unless you want to spend several years trying to germinate peony seeds, and then, even if successful, getting plants that may or may not look anything like the original.

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