Transplant Shock

earthworm73(WA z8)March 20, 2012

When a palm goes into transplant shock what kinda symptoms will start to show?

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In my own experience, most palms (yes, there are prominent exceptions such as Bismarkia), are not all that sensitive to being transplanted--assuming that the plant's exposure hasn't also been changed (going from a shaded continer indoors to a hot location on the south side of your house, for example). But in answer to your question, the leaves will tend to droop and the plant will look as though it needs watering--even if the soil is damp. Don't water it though and just hope it grows out of it--which it may. The only palm that I can recall that suffered after a transplant was one of my Trachys that came though the mail and was planted in sunny exposure, from the get go, the fronds started closing up and it never recuperated. But its decline was probably as much do the shock of transport (under who knows what conditions) to a sunny site. Good luck!

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earthworm73(WA z8)

nj I have two palms a b. clara and a s. bermudana that soounds like your trachy. A few weeks after pot up they started closing their fronds. I associated this to the growing medium but now that I think about it I am leaning more towards transplant shock. I ordered them from Texas and now that I think about it they seemed very leggy as compared to others of the same age range that look squat and robust. So I believe they had been grown in a warm/hot greenhouse and being shipped in February then sited in a sunny winter location totally shocked them. They might not ever recover.

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If palms are shipped bare root and then not allowed a few
months in a warm place to adjust/recover they can potentially rot out/never recover.

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Jim thanks for the info. I do believe the two I mentioned are gonna be toast. Oh well lessoned learn to wait until spring to have palms shipped. The ones you sent me are doing well. But sabal minors and their cousins are tough as they come. The t. nova is inside of my mini greenhouse kicking back. BTW how�s Little Larrick doing?

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An oft told tale, but I moved 3 Trachys about 5 miles once. All 3 looked depleted and I was convinced one was going to croak.

All three are flourishing as we speak.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

I know who you got the palms from when you said they came from Texas.I ordered a B.yatay from David about 2 months ago.Well to make a long story short it died in 2 weeks.I told him about what had happened and he sent me another one in the pot to replace it.If you see what he grows his palms in you would know why there leggy.There grown in almost pure sand in a greenhouse and there given Microlife in very heavy doses,hence the leggy growth.The B.yatay he sent me in the pot is still alive but with very long droopy fronds.I potted it up to a 5gal.pot and the fronds are so long they droop all the way to the ground.I used pro-mix hp for the potting soil,so I bought a high price potting soil for it.I acclimated it to full sun over a period of about a month.It's living but it's still growing very long droopy fronds.David is a good man,just email him and let him know what's going on with your plants.He will more than likely replace the plants for you.He even sent me a small bag of that Mircolife to add to my potting mix for when I potted it up to a larger pot.David likes to keep his customers happy and he will do what it takes to make you happy with your purchase.

Hope this helps.

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earthworm73(WA z8)

@ jacklord that's good to hear and gives me hope.

@ butiaman yup that's who I got them from. I emailed him and even though he responded back immediately he has not offered a replacement. Oh well you live and learn. I have mine planted in 5:1:1 bark,compost, and perlite. I didn't realize they were so leggy and did not know they had been in a greenhouse all of their lives. They were immediately placed in winter sun which probably dried them out.

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When I got my first 3 Trachys in Nov(end Oct),I left them all
on the porch-thinking,they would benefit from some cooler/cold exposure....

Nope,plants shipped bare root will rot and die if kept to
cold/wet before root regeneration....

2 of them died...the funny thing is that the one that lived was
the one I November.

It's still going strong today!

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Little Larrick is a trooper and is looking perfect!

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