Ooops! This year I forgot to stake'm! LOL

hannah(5 south IN)June 5, 2005

With everything we've been doing around here, I neglected to stake my poor Peonies.

I feel so bad for them...they're about 19 years old and just give and give and give!

Will they transplant well in Florida?

Probably not, huh?

I'd love to take a few of the small plants, which are out of sight behind the bigger ones, with me when we move.

Would they survive on the Gulf Coast?

*fingers crossed!

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hannah(5 south IN)

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getyourleash(z7 Mid-Atl USA)

Not sure they would transplant well. It's sooo warm in Florida. Are you interested in a trade before you move? For something that might fare a little better in Florida? Just curious...

Pretty as a picture, by the way!

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hannah(5 south IN)

GYL...would you like a couple of the smaller plants?
I have both colors and you're more than welcomed to them.
I'd give you the 'parent' plants, but I'd rather leave them cause we're going to sell the house.

I see you're in Maryland...not far from me.
I'm in West Chester, Southern Chester County, PA.
Let me know.............

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Jim_Andrews(z5 VT)

They won't do well in Florida - they won't get the cold dormancy that they need. I've been all over Florida from Orlando down and have yet to see a single peony in any garden anywhere. That says volumes.


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dozzy_gardener(NORTH EAST ENGL)

At what stage do you normally stake them ?
Do you wait until they bud, or until the are about to open ?

I guess time wise it will be different here in the u.k, but the stage will be the same.
Yours look superb ( wish mine did ).

Cheers, Paul.

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Looking at the cart in the first picture. Someone with hammer & nail skills could make attractive cages to hold peonies & other plants upright. Make a cage by making two rectangles or squares in two different sizes then at corner on the inside of each corner of the smaller piece, nail a square board from the outside of the rectangle. Then take strips of wood and nail to the inside of the rectangle all going in one direction, any distance apart you want. Continue around the inside until you have something that looks like the cart without the top piece. Start nailing the pieces to the larger rectangle starting again at the corners. You may need some help holding the pieces while you hammer, or you might try nailing the corners of both top and bottom together before nailing the sides.

After all your work you could decorate as you wish. In the spring before the peonies emerge place the smallest rectangle on the ground using something to stablize the contraption, metal tent peg etc. The stems would come up and fill the inside of the cage and help keep everything upright. Depending on how large your plants are now is the height you should build the cage. Several could be placed together like a fence by using something to tie the cages together.

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