few buds this year - why?

hipchick(z6 NE MA)June 8, 2006

When we moved to our house there were tons of peonies - most situated under a large conifer. The first year I moved all of them, and they have bloomed every year without fail since. We have a pretty shady yard, so some are in sunnier spots than others and bloom more, but all have always had at least several buds.

This year there is almost nothing! Even my good bloomers have definately less buds, and several clumps have absolutely nothing!

I am in new england, and this past winter was pretty warm, and we had a very warm spell mid winter. Might that have caused it? I also had a tree near all of them fertilized 2 or 3 years ago - would that cause it?

My neighbor has tons of beautiful blooms - I am so sad!!

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Peonies really love a rich humusy soil. While I have never fertilized my peonies I do compost around them spring and fall. Never on the root but around the edges, two inches of finished compost. They always bloom well. Al

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I have no answers for you but I have noticed that my clump of Pink Luau has no buds. Nice Gal and all of my Tree Peonies have buds. Actually, two of the tree peonies are done for the year but they put on a decent show.

Timberlea, NS

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chris_ont(5a Ont)

Did you add mulch, leaves, soil or compost on top of the roots last fall? Peonies won't bloom if they are buried too deep and it's easy to accumulate "stuff" on top of their crowns over time.

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Since they have been blooming well for several years the conclusion is that something in their enviroment has changed. how do the leaves look? Does the plant look healthy? In size is it similiar to last years growth?

I'm in VT and my peonies are thriving like crazy with 12-15 flower heads per plant which will open in about a week. each year they grow bigger and stronger with more blooms and this is probably year 8 for them.

Off the top of my head I would try to enrich the soil with manure and compost, not so much for this years blooms but for next year.

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