septic drain lines in zone 1

tifbee(7)April 5, 2012


This is my first time posting in this forum. I am a project manager at a small-scale farm near Atlanta, Georgia, and I have been put to task to accomplish the near impossible...a permaculture set-up in an impossible landscape. Zone 1 right outside the back door, to the left is an empty above ground pool with the liner removed (will use as part of zone set up), to the center and right of the door is a steep grade downhill to the gardens and under this hill are the drain lines for the septic tank. How do I incorporate the zone 1 strategy when I really can't plant in the ground? I've toyed with the idea of using this space to plant amarynth, since it is currently grass that needs to be mowed. I can use pots and grow bags along the path, then just strip the sod off behind the plants to grow amarynth. A mini chicken coop or chicken tractor will be used to control pests and have the zone 1 loop and transition to zone 2. Also, I will be using the empty inground pool as a mini-model for show what can be done in a small space.

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

g'day tifbee,

at first all i can suggest is a bit of KISS keep it simple, for me i see no issues in mulching on top of teh leech trenches and planting above ground producing food crops annuals, also below the leech field say around 5 meters below plant food trees.

for me i don't pay too much heed to zones, the important one is zone 0 or 00 in the head, if we get it right there then the rest is academic, and for the main most don't have enough land to formalise zoning. all that is important outside is that the herb garden be very near the kitchen door.

the important factor missed by many is the aspect of the land and the aspecting and orientation of the house on that land, much more important than a view or in real estate terms more important than "location; location; location".

keep us informed i usually only visit this forum once a week but while there is live chat i will pay more visits.

see our eco' home essay:


Here is a link that might be useful: lens eco' home essay

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Thanks Len! I think I just need to go sit and observe a little longer, and make small adjustments. Usually the big picture will turn out if I work with a small space/issue at a time. I was thinking annuals as well since the root system isn't permanent, and the perennials in pots.
Thanks, Tif

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