Miniature coconut palm question

bananafanMarch 19, 2007

I'm interested in finding out the name of the smallest coconut palm tree that ever existed. Has any one of you heard of it or ever planted one before. I heard somewhere that there's a kind grown in the Philippines and the fruits are only the size of an egg.

Also, is there one particular kind of coconut palm that might be a little cold resistant?

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This one is supposed to be cold hardy but i know nothing about it.

Sorry can't find anything on a mini coconut.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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As far as I know, the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) is the only species in this genus. However there are one or two spp. in the genus Lytocaryum which sound like the plant you describe. I know nothing else about them.

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topher2006, thanks so much for the link. I think the Bolivian coconut palm is a very handsome tree--very tall and I like the fact that it's cold hardy and produces real coconuts! However, I'm been wondering how does one get to the coconuts when they're so high up? If I have a monkey as a pet, maybe that will solve the problem. In any case, I'm seriously thinking of getting one now regardless of how I could get the fruit down. Since the light requirement is not as demanding as the regular coconut tree, I think I have a spot for it on the southside of my yard where the sunlight is filtered.

Ronalawn82, I've found a thread with some info on dwarf coconut palm. Some people posted some pictures there. If interested, here's the link to the thread.

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Many thanks for sharing the information. I now know a little more than I did and I can learn much more.
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