Floating seeds

Bill106(4)January 31, 2013

I recently read in my "Complete Book of Chile Peppers" that you should discard any seeds that are floating after being soaked for 6 hours or so. Apparently those seeds are bad. Does anyone else use this method to choose the seeds to sow? I'm a bit concerned with my Choc. Habs...13 are floating and 4 are submerged.

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I use the paper towel method, and germinate them until I see a taproot emerging. It seems to work well for me, but I've also tried the way your suggesting and there is always some that stay floating.

I'd hate to toss seeds based on that, but if you have a surplus then I could understand that.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

I do not follow that method. I know from my experiences, floated seeds are also germinated.

New container gardener,

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I simply plant several seeds in each new starter and unless all the seeds are bad, I always get a couple to come up. Then I cull the less vigorous ones after they get an inch or so high and just keep the strongest one. If seed supply is an issue, then maybe the paper towel or seed floating would be a necessary step.

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OK thanks for the quick responses. I've got enough seeds to spread them out for sowing. I feel more confident. Thanks again all. Happy sowing.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

See my Floating Zombie Pepper Seeds thread nearby for observations and data on this very question (plus a lot of crap). The floaters did not germinate, but then nothing did. Like the good little zombies they would have become, they are still dead. In other words, no data is good data.

I would move to the paper towel/baggy anyway, floater or not. The proof is in the root.

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