Countryman Peony Farm in VT

peoniesaremyfave(z5b NH)June 25, 2007

Hi GWbers!

Unfortunately I do not have my card reader with me to show you the beautiful pictures from my visit to Countryman Peony Farm. I will post the pictures tonight when I get home but if you truly want to see the most spectacular peony field with the biggest variety around go to CPF in Vt. This weekend will most likely be the last weekend you will be able to see most of the plants in bloom according to Bill Countryman (who is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, as a matter of fact his whole family is that way) this or the New England thread for Countryman's (a fellow GW Member judyefd first posted about the Farm and I have been hooked ever since) there are threads with pictures and directions. It is truly a sight to see. Look out for my posting tonight about it.


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Thanks, Wendi, for this update!

I was planning to go one day next week, but it looks like I better get there on Sunday afternoon to see the best show!

Can't wait to see your pix tomorrow!


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solargal(z4/5 VT)

would love to see your pictures! I visited two years ago, and apparently Bill Countryman had just died. (I think it was early July - many peonies were past peak, but there were still lots of gorgeous specimens blooming, and there were only a couple of other visitors there, with no sign of the family. Maybe it's always somewhat unkempt, but I came down with a wicked case of poison ivy on my legs after traipsing through the fields - be sure to wear long pants if you go! (Also - the buildings are quite unassuming - I drove way, way too far up the road; it's not much more than a mile or so from the paved road!)

Here is a link that might be useful: article about Countryman

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Thanks for the link and the PI warning!

I haven't gotten PI there yet (and I'm VERY allergic!), having walked thru some of the weeds while wearing shorts. I better put my "Ivy Block" on before I go this year.


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peoniesaremyfave(z5b NH)

Hi Everyone!

Sorry it took so long, problems with my card reader to post pics but here they are! If you visit it is a spectacular place. Please tell them that Wendi said 'Hi', I love them. Trust me, if you need to know anything about Peonies, they are more than willing to help.

Here we go!

a href="" target="_blank">

This is a pic from last year and I couldn't resist:

The fields will take your breathe away. By these pics you would think that I love yellow or ivory peonies, actually the shades of pinks are my favorites but I am astonished by all the different varieties.



solargal--I am so sorry to hear about you Poison Ivy, my husband and I have been all over they Farm and we haven't notice a single plant of it. I am like judyefd, highly allergic. When I spoke to the Countrymans about their place, where we go and could not go the first time that we visited I specifically asked Mrs. Countryman if there was any PI anywhere and she told me that they were proud to say that they didn't have that. We even visited a little pond that they have and didn't see any. I hate PI, read my GW page and you will see why. My yard was loaded with it when we bought it. Yuck! I hope if you go again you have better luck. :)

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I LOVE your pictures! And you're so organized!! ;-D

Thank you for posting pix of Gold Standard and La Pinja! The Susie Q bloom was reminiscent of Vivid Rose.

I can't wait to get there this weekend!


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