Where did everyone go?

mike_stubbs(8, Bastrop, TX)April 8, 2003

Come on folks lets come up with new questions and answers for the old ones.

I posted previously about Is this any good? which should have been right up this forums alley and have gotten nothing. What gives?

Help us all out by putting in more information or asking more questions. I enjoyed the link to the Aussie permies and chased around for a long time on the various links.

I understand that probably not many of us are experts but we can still help each other. I have the book Gaia's Garden by Toby Hemenway so I can pass on his wisdom/knowledge not mine if you ask something that is covered in his book. I have read most of the Chicken Tractor and have my wife's blessing to try some of the thoughts in the book the end of this summer and this fall.

I am going to use the Chicken Tractor to clean up some of my yard over the septic field and plant wildflower seeds behind it. Multipurpose at its best. The chickens get fed from my bugs and weed/grass seeds and do a mini tilling of the ground. And I get fertilizer, tilling without my muscles being used, and a cleared area for the wildflower seeds plus maybe some meat if I can figure out how to butcher them(Iwant to do it myself). Will it work? I don't know. We'll see.


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polly_il(z5/6 IL)

Hi Mike, sorry that I'm not much help with your list; but guilding isn't something that I've practiced much with. Your list sort of overwhelmed me when I read it!

As for where I've been - backsliding, that's where. A lot of the permaculture concepts that I've been trying to follow went out the window when my Pop had a stroke in late December; and many proposed projects were put on hold.

Unfortunately, we lost one of our most knowledgable voices last month, when Fireraven9 passed away. Her knowledge, and willingness to help others will be sorely missed.

How about telling us what you're doing now; maybe revisiting the "Zone" threads?

Good luck with your site,

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