Let's take a walk on the mild side- suggestions?

sunnibel7 Md 7(7)January 5, 2014

It's time for me to order seeds again and this year I would like to try one or two new peppers. I can't eat bells and because of that I am suspicious of all sweet peppers (some nonbells produce the same unpleasant reaction) but so far all hot peppers have been good. Well, except for a distinct burning sensation. I can only take so much heat!

So I was wondering if you all could mention some of your favorite milder hot peppers? I love my Aji Pineapples, so fruity and fresh tasting. I love them as hot sauce or pickled. I like my cayennes for making pepper flakes and adding heat with little flavor to cooking and I like my jalapenos for their heat and their flavor. Especially with cheese. I think flavor is the big draw for me, and suggested uses for any recommended peppers are also welcome.

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I love Beaver Dam. I saute most of them with my scrambled eggs/cheese.
If I have enough I like to broil in the oven with just cream cheese or whatever else you'd like to add like bacon, ground beef, sharp cheddar.

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Aji Limon
Red Savina
Habanero TFM
Bishops Crown

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pepperchuck(8b coastal MS)

I've got some aji dulce going... I can't vouch for the flavor personally but everything I've been told makes me very excited.. It's supposed to be a delicious mild pepper

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A few non-Bell suggestions for you:

Alma Pepper
Botinecka Zuta
Tobago Sweet
Numex Sauve
Kurtovska Kapija
Christmas Bell / Bishops Crown
Numex Sweet


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The GF and I like NuMex Big Jim (I'm sure other NuMex / Anaheim types would be worth consideration as well).

Also, you could consider Poblanos/Ancho, another one I use quite a bit.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

A am also mostly on the mild side.
This year I will grow followings:


I use peppers mostly as vegetable in cooking, frying, pickling. I do some hot sauce too.

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trying some milder varieties this year also, urfa biber and Aleppo

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Ooo, thanks for all the thoughts so far! I think I remember Beaver Dam being recommended other times too. And also the big jim. That chilaca looks beautiful. Peppers seem to grow so well here and now that I've conquered my ant problem, they seem to have no really problematic pests. So I want to grow more and learn better how to cook with them. I wish I could just taste all the peppers recommended- it's so hard to decide!

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Alma paprika is a great cooking pepper - thick flesh with fair heat.

Try growing some more C.baccatums too. Lemon Drop, Rain Forest, Starfish, etc. I really like the ones I've tried and not all that hot.


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Numex Suave Orange habanero. Intense hab flavor, dries well, only 800 on the scoville. Remove the seeds and pith and there's no heat.
Corno Del Toro. Spanish frying pepper. Red and yellow varieties.
All available from tomatogrowers.com...

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I like Chervena Chushka. It's fairly large, good for stuffing. And I think it has good flavor. I tried several sweets this year and this will be my regular.


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