Donni Sali ?

wayrightJanuary 6, 2010

I bought these seeds off of ebay last winter,,after growing them out I am not sure that they are the real thing.I dont want to trade them as "donni Sali" if they aren't. They look like mini tabasco peppers,but they are WAY hotter! The closest thing that I could find that looked exactly like these are C.Eximium. Does anyone here know if these are actual donni sali or c.eximium,or something else?


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According to the Capsicum Database, Donie Sali is an alternate name for the Guam Boonies ( C. chinense) A bird pepper, hot about one inch long upright. It is listed as a compact plant. Your photo pretty much matches Cross Country Nursery's photo, (Donie = hot pepper and Sali = type of local bird that eats the pepper pods)

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