tree peony seedling success!

overdriveJune 5, 2013

I received seeds (from China) at end of December. They were kept damp, with antifungal agent, and germinated slowly over the next 3 months. Germinated seeds were placed in pots with 30% compost 40% ground bark, 30% peat based potting mix, kept damp for another month in pot, then placed in fridge for 2 months, then taken out into cool garage for another month - noticed emergence of seedling a week ago (embryo formed properly), so placed indoors under strong fluorescent lighting - and now I have about 25 real nice tree peony seedlings!!! I'm going to have to repot them all individually now, they seem to be doing real well under fluorescent 24/7 lighting - paul m.

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Congrats. Out of 30 I planted last year from seed only one germinated which my dad pull it off this spring. He thought it was a weed, unfortunately.

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They aren't that hard to germinate and some take 2-3 seasons to push sprouts. Once they get to their 2nd year, you usually don't need to worry too much about slugs or any other predator on them.

I'm pretty used to growing them though.

Here is a link that might be useful: tree peonies

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Congrats, Paul! So exciting!

peony05, oh, no. I have one of those. Except, he's my husband. He once "weeded" all my daisies and left the actual weeds alone. And, this was after I told him what a young daisy looks like.

2 - 3 seasons. Wow, long time to wait. But, the tree peonies are sure worth it.


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I have some I started wrong, I winter sowed them.
Now I know there is the right way.
So I am keeping them outside and let them go through the summer then winter and hoping for some sprouts next spring.
I bought 6 or 8 different ones off ebay they came from china as well. .99 each plus free shipping thought I would give it a try.

My husband has mowed my plants over and my son wacked things down he thought where weeds.
I now don't allow them around my plants and seedlings with sharp things.

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Hi, I have the seedlings in community pots, with 10-20 seeds per 6" pot. On the weekend I took the seedlings apart and put each one into its own 1 quart/litre pot. I also discovered several seeds that were just about to emerge! so I potted these up also. There were a few non-emergent seedlings with no good embryo, so I put these in potting mix back into the fridge.
I have a total 35 leafed out seedlings, and 15 seedlings about to emerge, and then a second batch of seedlings still in the fridge!
This is very exciting, especially being able to germinate and grow these indoors - many people have had their seedlings rot (me included), but since I use a leaf-compost enriched potting mix I have had no trouble.
This time I am using 60% rotted Christmas tree, 20% compost, 20% peat moss - throw in some lime for calcium and balance the pH, and some Milorganite and bonemeal - highly organic, and CHEAP! - paul m.

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