germinating seeds - male and female seeds

erik2010March 17, 2010

A palm book at the local library, Palms of South Florida, talks about flower stalks ( young seeds? ) of certain palms carrying flowers of both sexes,such as the Queen palm which carries female flowers alone at the base, the central portion are triads with two males each and the tips are completely males. Or in the case of a Christmas palm it states there are two males to each female on the lower portion of the branchlets. Question is if there are male and female flowers do they have to "bump nasties" or pollinate to produce a viable seed? Is this accomplished by wind, bees? I notice alot of bees around my Christmas palms when these flowers or seeds are in the early stages of development. Is it safe to assume that if a Christmas palm seed matures to a red friut it is viable and worth planting for germination regardless if it is male or female?

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Only female flowers can bear fruit. It works the same as we do. The males must fertilize the female and the female will bear the offspring. Pollen can be transfered many ways - wind, water, animals....

In general, some plants can successfully produce viable seed if they are unfertilized while most need to be fertilized.

I'm pretty sure Christmas & Queen Palms must be fertilized to produced seeds.

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Christmas palms have both male and female flowers in the same inflorescence.So there is not a male tree and a female one.

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