Cut back peony too soon after robber!

renarhod(z8 WA)June 22, 2005

Ah, I goofed. for years I"ve grown these lovely rose scented peonies and this year I cut them back near the ground after they bloomed and never done that before. I had read somewhere that you could do this and it was a mistake.

I've always left them alone and cut them back after the stalks die in the late fall/winter. The reason I did it this year is right after the peonies reached their height, they blocked the view of my front door from the street and lo and behold someone tried to break into my door while I was at home. It scared me bad and I've been itching to prune back those shrubs. So I did it. I know...they won't bloom next spring. I will move them to a new location next winter or early spring and then have to wait for flowers the next year after.

It's a shame because every time I look at those shrubs now, I equate them with the attempted break in and not my beautiful flowers. But it's time to give them a better location. Thank heavens my dog ran off the intruder. I am now making sure my garden does not block the view of my front door and making adjustments accordingly.

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

There have been many posters here who have reported that traditionally, they mow their peonies to the ground yearly and have no problems with blooms the following year. So you may be pleasantly surprised next year if you chose to leave them where they are. Otherwise if you move them to a different spot in fall, they may or may not bloom.

The foliage helps to increase the size of (and I expect number of eyes on) the rhizomes, however it doesn't necessarily impact the existing bloom potential if removed too early after bloom.

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