win win with bugs

greenman62May 24, 2014

I just looked at my garden
my backyard has about 6-7 fruit trees in ground, with another 12-15 small or seedlings in pots
several herbs, a few veggies etc...

I have some dandylion that grows native, so i let it in a few places.
i was looking at my lettuce and pepper plants, and was thinking of taking some dandylion leaves inside for a salad additive later.

The dandylion was full of white flies, and looked real unhealthy.

but, there were no bugs on anything else nearby.

On the other side of the yard, i was looking at my papaya tree (about 3ft tall)
and was going to collect some Evening Primrose
and i noticed little black beetle looking bugs all over it.
it was eaten up pretty good.

While, i didnt get my salad ingredients
none of the real plants had any bugs at all on them
hopefully they will bring in the predators now.

Evening Primrose is a native that i just let grow also
and i am glad i did.

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Nice! I just planted evening primrose seedlings today. I hope they do the same for our yard.

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