Ridiculous High Temperatures Today in Western OK

Okiedawn OK Zone 7June 26, 2011

Look at the linked map showing today's high temperatures as recorded at each county's OK Mesonet stations. These are stunningly high temps for western OK in particular.

What in the heck do western Oklahomans grow that will tolerate those kinds of highs??????

Looking at the high temps in western OK compared to mine in southcentral OK may be feel a lot better....almost like I am in one of the cooler parts of the state.


Here is a link that might be useful: Today's Maximum Temperatures

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It's an unfortunate feedback of the extreme drought. Evaporation of liquid water takes heat out of the air and has a cooling effect. We know this because of how misters work and how we sweat to stay cool. It's the same idea for soil moisture and transpiration from plants. When the soil is as dry as it is out west, the heat radiated from dry ground and dormant vegetation makes the air temperature even warmer instead of cooling it. It doesn't seem fair that those who need rain the most also bake the worst, but that's how it works. :(

I think the people on the eastern side of the exceptional drought area have it the worst, because they also have just relative humidity to have a heat index on top of the insane temperatures.

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It's showing buffalo at 110 for a high, but every Gage I looked at around 4pm said 113. I've been watering lawn and garden throughout the day. Ive heard it's best not too during the heat, is that because of the evaporation?

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Yeah, it's mainly because of how much water you'd lose to evaporation, especially if it's windy or if you use a sprinkler. I try to water with my hose on a low pressure setting in the evening (generally morning is better but I'm not enough of a morning person to get it done before I go to work) to let it soak in as much as possible. Soaker hoses are good, too.

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Ouch. You guys are the same temperature as we are! I lost a baby chick today before it occurred to me to take a fan out and spray them with water!

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