cut off ... or not cut off?

vieja_gw(z7NM)June 7, 2008

I'm so glad to finally have peonies growing (25 of them!)as they are my VERY favorite. Sadly, the fragrance here in the dry SW isn't the best though. I was wondering if the dead/dried flowers should be left on the plants or snipped off? It has been many years since I lived in Iowa & don't remember how they were treated then.

Also, when does one know when to divide the plants? I remember my grandmother's must have been over 50 yrs. old & don't recall seeing her ever divide them. She always discarded the dishwater on the peony beds also!

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I like to remove the spent blooms and prevent seed being produced. Dividing is not required in most cases. When I feel they are getting crowded and or are restricting air circulation I will dig a plant and divide it before replanting. Sometimes a plant gets too deep where blooming is affected and I will dig it to replant higher in the soil. Al

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