Washingtonia Filibusta Spring Update

carsoncitypalmsApril 8, 2014

So this palm was planted in the ground on March 24th, it has since then gone through 23F, for three nights and also suffered a Snow Storm on the 28th, then frost on the two nights after that. Today it's doing great and still alive, no spear pull and it's even grown!

I put another one in the ground too.

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Here's the other one I put in the ground. It's a Filibusta as well.

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Looks like it is ready for some nice warm weather! I hope it keeps on growing well for you! Looks like it is off to a good start.
Thanks for sharing!

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prinbama(Alabama 7b-8a)

Good looking little fella. I have 4 of them about the same size in large pots. Ive had them for about a year now.

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Have they grow much since?

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Hers an update on the two filibustas

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The frond died off on the palm in the picture above. Lowest our temps have gotten since they've been I'm the ground was 18F and 22F. I thought they were going to die for sure once the hail storm hit. But nope they went through that just fine on top of a small snow storm after that. Our lows are between 38F and 54F as of now. Our solar radiation levels are nearly the same as ABQ, New Mexico, which someone replied on another one of my posts saying that solar radiation increases the cold hardiness of palms. This experiment is going great! I have these two palms in the ground since March. And I have a Mediterranean Fan palm in the ground over at my buddies house. I have bought 6 of them from walmart so far and been giving them to people who listen to me. I think half the trouble I having palms here, apart from the winters, is that people think these are tropical plants. They are straight checkmate when I tell them "these palms are desert plants". We water once a week and sometimes we skip a week. They are growing moderately, but I think once the 90F-100F rolls in, in a few months, they will start growing much faster. Both get nearly full sun all day.

Lol sorry for the long paragraph guys. Please comment!!! :D

This one is the same one that's in the second pic on
This post

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