Anyone want to give away seeds (Sell)? :)

Bill_Missy(8b)January 5, 2013

Hello all,

I have the bug and am getting ready to start seeds. I was wondering if anyone wants to sell or trade (All I have for trade are Kochukaru, which are a Korean hot pepper about like Cayenne). Looking for anything really, hot or super hot�s. I am trying my hand for the 2nd year. My wife bought me some seeds for Christmas from Pepper Joe (I know...) and am wanting to see if I can get BETTER seeds if someone is willing to trade or sell.

My grow list this year is:
Carolina Reaper
Moruga Trinidad Scorpion
Chocolate Habanero
Pumpkin Habanero
Cayenne Blend
Italian Peperoncini
Bhut Jolokia
Caribbean Blend
Cow Horn
Red Bell
Orange Bell


Thank you in advance,


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No E mail ...

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Bill-Missy, email me. I got quite a few superhots not on yor list, john

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Email sent. THANK You


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