Tree peonies

Clemmielover(5)June 13, 2013

I'd like advice on tree peonies for zone 5, I want to give my mother in law one and am looking for something not too fussy or fragile, I have a good protected spot in southern exposure against the white siding of the house. I should mention she is in to big bold colors, and she loves red but I'm trying to stay away from it somewhat as the massive decking is painted maroon and stands out in stark relief to the house and yard.
Turns out it's quite tricky to find colors who harmonize with both the white building and the rust red decking.
We also would like to replace her peonies with highly fragrant versions and I'd like advice on which to look out for, reds are fine for these but I'd like to avoid the heaviest bomb types as she won't be able to maintain much besides having the guy cutting the lawn watering everything.
Any good purveyors to look up? I am familiar with Flowers in the field, Paradise Gardens, Bluestone perennials and had good plants from them all although it's been a few years since last order.
Any feedback appreciated!

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There is a huge color range now with tree peonies: peach, pink, yellow, gold. Check out Solaris Farms on the web; he has a huge selection of new hybrids or Klemn's Song Sparrow for older varieties.

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