Itoh flower opened today

lucklein(2b)June 26, 2013

Hi, I am a new member to GW and thought I'd post a picture of my Itoh peony. The buds just opened up last night.

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Very pretty! Which variety is it?

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I can't find the tag that came with it. I know I kept the tag for a long time, so it may still be around here. I purchased the plant about 4 years ago

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I also had my first Itoh blooms this year. I had Singing in the Rain, Strawberry Blonde and Berry Garcia. I'm still kinda on the fence about the Itohs--are they really that much better than herbaceous? Mine were also in the ground 3-4 years before they bloomed, I've never had a herbaceous take that long but the root mass on the Itohs were much smaller so I guess you can't judge that way. The colors fade and mutate on the Itohs but it does on some herbaceous, too--I think my Coral Sunset is my absolute favorite out of any I have right now. The colors open dramatic and fade pretty, it bloomed 1st spring after being planted in the fall and cost less than half of a single Itoh! I don't regret buying any of the Itohs I have, the ones that bloomed this year were pretty, but are they worth all the fuss and extra cost? What about you, Lucklein, do you have any herbaceous peonies that you wouldn't get rid of for an Itoh? What's your opinion on which is better? Or are they both just great because all peonies are beautiful?

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It might be Morning Lilac.

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My Itoh, First Arrival, bloomed the first year. This year, its third, it probably didn't even have a dozen blooms. It has been only a few more blooms per year. The blooms are exotic and the foliage nice, but I get more flower power from my herbaceous, at least so far.

PS I am new to this forum - a regular over on the Hosta Forum.


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You purchased the plant four years ago and it is just now blooming? I just bought three of them this year --- how old will I be???????

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RyseRyse, it probably won't be as long for you as for my original Itohs, they all had almost non-existant roots. If yours were the normal 3-5 eye bareroot divisions they'll probably bloom next spring. And I've seen postings on this forum from people saying the Itohs get huge fast, hopefully you'll get those results!

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No you won't have to wait that long. Mine has bloomed every year, even the first year when I bought it already in bud. I just wanted to post the picture of the first flower this year. It has since opened at least 4 or 5 other blooms since the picture was taken.
As far as my preference, I have one Itoh, one tree peony and three herbaceous, and I love them all. The Itoh and the tree peony have larger blooms than the others and I just like the variety in the foliage, so I like the mix. Sorry I don't know the variety names.

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Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen a peony I didn't like, either! My preference is for the larger blooms but some of the smaller ones are so unique I love them, too. Raspberry Rumba was one of my favorites this year.

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