Please help ID

nat4b(4)June 7, 2011

I have several peonies and all are no ID. I'm trying to find them names.

This one started approx. 6/04, several days after the one which was earlier than others. Mid-blooming maybe?

It's about 33 inches tall, stems are dark when buds appear, and it has no fragrance, or very little in comparison with my early most fragrant peony.

Another distinctive feature is that some flowers are double and some are kinda single. The flowers don't last long, two days and they are done (could be full sun location), but it did it in cooler weather too.

Here are five pictures:

Buds and darker stems

Buds later

First or second day of fully opened

Yesterday in 94 degrees heat

Maybe somebody is growing it and can recognize?


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Is it a trifle more red in real life? It looks like one I've bought as Inspecteur Lavergne. It is also similar to Kansas and Karl Rosenfield.

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