Pindo Palm - Frostbite

tanveersApril 28, 2010

We had an unusual severe winter in north Texas this year. In my front yard, I have a Pindo Palm. It was a small Pindo Palm when I bought it in Summer of 2007 but had been growing fine and had survived 2007 and 2008 winters fine. Since I did not have much knowledge about Palms and since it had survived last two winters I did not take care of it and this year's unusually cold winter has damaged my Pindo Palm.

So here's the situation: The mature leaves are still green but the middle crown where new leaves emerge from seems damaged as the baby leaves have died. I am very worried since it's already end of April and I see no new leave emerging from the crown. Is the tree dead? Is there any chance that new leaves will slowly emerge as we get into more hot temperatures (summer)? Please advice. Thank you!


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If it has no leaves it could be dead. You can treat it with hydrogen peroxide, or as a last option type of thing, you can cut down the trunk until you see that there is no rot and hope that it grows from there (which it may or may not). What were your min. temp this winter? Pindos can usually handle 20F without any damage and at least down to around 15F before severe damage or lower when established. As long as you have some healthy green leaves, there is a chance that a new spear will grow.
Good luck!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

It sounds like you had some percipitation followed by unusual cold and the bud was damaged. Tug on the center new spears - do they pull out. Treat with hydrogen peroxide as TZ said. You may also "carefully and gently" cut down the rotted material trying not to damage the bud to see if she survived.

Meanwhile, if it were me, I'd plant another pindo since you have the knack for it now. In winter cover it with a plastic trash can on cold spells and during ice/snow. You may also plant it on the warm side of your home (southside) for better results.

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I agree, pindos absolutely HATE precipitation during the winter months. If it rains and then freezes very badly (like in the high teens) then it could suffer spear pull. If that happens a lot during the winter it could definitely die.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your replies. I will try to post a picture of my Pindo Palm and get more expert opinion on how to save it.



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