Tomatoes broke color!!

BrittB(6)June 20, 2012

Finally!! I have NO idea what variety this is, but one of them finally started turning yellow and then red! I picked a couple right when the color started coming to let the others ripen faster. They're bigger than normal cherries or grapes... so I dunno what they are, haha. Maybe a cross between a normal size and cherry? Sooo happy. Hopefully the other plants will be soon to follow. I doubt I'll be getting any more tomatoes off of these. They're producing more flowers but then they just fall off.

Also the Yard Long beans I got from someone on here (I forgot who it was! Sorry, but thank you!) have taken over. I didn't realize just how long these beans are LOL holy crap one of them is about a foot long right now.

I've also got some squash growing, but I don't know what's wrong with it :( It took a while to get female flowers, but now that they're on there they just turn yellow and fall off instead of turn into fruit. And they're nothing like the squash on my moms farm. Hers grows in a bushy cluster almost, while mine just keeps vining out all over the place. They get full sun and normal watering. I've never known squash to be hard to grow. Any ideas?

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Congrats on the breakers!

How much bigger than normal grapes or cherries? A little or a lot? Bigger than a golf ball? I bet we can figure it out if you remember which varieties you planted.

I'm a little concerned that your blossoms are dropping off already. Are you already having nighttime lows above 72-75 and daytime highs above 92-95? Even if you are, do not give up hope. All it takes is a cooldown for a couple of days while the plants have blooms and you still can get fruitset.

Yard long beans may reach a yard long if you let them keep growing, but some people prefer to harvest them when they're about half that length.

Your squash sounds like it might be a winter squash like a butternut or something. Many winter squashes are vining types, whereas summer squashes are bushes. Are you getting male flowers too? If so, do you have bees or other pollinators around? It could be there are no pollinators there to transfer the pollen from the male flowers to the female flowers. You can transfer it yourself if you want to hand-pollinate. Tell us if you need to know how. It is not hard and only takes a couple of minutes to do all the female flowers on a plant. If you're only getting female flowers and no male flowers yet, just be patient.

Winter squash usually starts setting fruit later in the summer than summer squash does. I don't know if there's anything wrong with yours or if it is just a later variety. It could be the female flowers are on time and the male flowers are late (big surprise there).


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Me too! I am pretty sure they are on the Roma. Only one though. Lol. I was about to give up.

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Mine are about like an oblong golfball. I finally got to eat one today and it was great! Definitely not as sweet as a cherry. They're unusual to me, because I'm used to tomatoes going from green to red. These went from green to yellow-orange, then to red with a bit of green striping around the top.

our temps here are already about 73 at night and about 95 during the day. Starting to go into triple digits this next week. boo!

This year I did quite a few, but not all of them made it and I really can't remember which ones did, but I'll list all the varieties that I planted anywho.

Pink Grapefruit
Gold Medal
Yellow pear
Ace 55
Gardener's Delight
Buck's County
Baxter Early Bush
Husky Gold
Early Girl
Chocolate Cherry
Amana Orange

And mind you, some of these I gave away to my mom too lol I only kept about 10 plants.

for the beans, if you pick them at half length can you cut them up and cook them just like regular garden beans? I'm definitely going to have to pick some of them tomorrow. They're growing so fast.

As for my squash... unless there was winter squash in the packet instead of crookneck then it shouldn't be. There's a possibility it's zucchini but even still it doesn't vine out nearly this much. Earlier in the spring there were some little bees and butterflies, but not so much anymore. I keep looping the vines back onto themselves so male and female flowers are closer together. Theres a LOT of ants on the vines. I'm not sure if maybe they're sucking some of the nutrients out of it or what but there's no major damage to any of the plant, just blooms falling off.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Britt, I think it might be Tigerella. See photo I've linked below. If it isn't Tigerella, it may be Chocolate Cherry, which turns all sorts of weird colors as it ripens.

Yes, you can harvest and use the beans at any stage that pleases you and they'll cook up just fine.

If you didn't plant a winter squash, I don't understand the vining. Maybe a stray seed or crossed seed made it into your seed packet? Check the leaves for aphids. Often the ants farms the aphids for the honeydew, so sometimes when you see ants, they are there because aphids are there. At other times, though, they are there just because they are there. :)

We have fire ants here so they tend to be everywhere and it doesn't indicate anything except that we have fire ants. Lots of little flying insects other than bees do pollinate, so hopefully some of them will be visiting your vines.


Here is a link that might be useful: Image of TIgerella

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