My Peony bush is forming red leaves

redteddy(7a)June 24, 2011

I have a red Karl Rosenfeld peony which came with two beautiful unopened flowers. I planted the bush and had to move it as my mother felt it was too close to the fence, since its her garden I moved it but then noticed a two days later that it wasn't stable enough and so I moved it back towards the fence. The two flowers have since died an early death and so I cut the heads off and left the plant. Now it isn't dead but it hasn't re-flowered. I've heard that sometimes a peony that has been moved will not re-flower for a while so I wasn't too bothered but now I am noticing that the leaves are turning from green to red. Is this some kind of a disease or normal? I sprayed it with an organic neem product, a kind of all around disease product. The leaves do not look unhealthy per se, meaning they are not shriveled they are just not flowering and turning a reddish color.

I would be grateful for any advice I receive thank you (especially since I don't want my mother to complain that I moved the plant back and killed it)

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Multiple moves is a good way to stress your peony. If you leave it alone for the rest of the season it may recover and be OK next year. Peonies are not repeat bloomers, so do not expect more buds this year. Al

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Well after some research it became obvious that the plant is infected with cladosporium. I cut off the red leaves but the stems have a red vein running through them and I'm not sure if I should just leave it or replace the plant. Is it best to cut the plant back to its root or should I just leave it or replace it?


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