Rescued a foxtail

lbphathead19April 10, 2012

A neighbor of mine put 2 foxtail palms in the trash. Newer fronds still have some green on them. Older fronds are very dry and withered. Tonight I re potted them both and soaked them with water and starter fert.

Is there anything else you recommend doing to get them healthy again. i am located in Southern California and temps are getting to low 70s here.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Nice! Hope they make it for you. Right now it sounds like you are doing everything right. Nights will have to be 50F or warmer for it to grow back fast, but it should still come back even if nights are colder than that. Give it lots of sun and dont let it dry out!
Keep us updated!

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Thanks for the response. The night temps get about as low as 55, so i should be OK. Should i stay away from regular palm fert. until they are established?

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The advice I was given and has always worked for me is to avoid using fertilizer until you see evidence that growth begins. This indicates the roots have re-established. Good luck, those are beautiful palms.

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thanks both have a spears that has not opened so once i see it begin to open I will fert.

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should i let them dry out before watering or keep them moist until established?

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