Hello...and goodbye :(

Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)April 29, 2012

Hello all, I hope you all are doing well. I havn't been on here in a while but I thought I would do a final post to update everyone.

After my move, somthing happened and I just wasn's as motivated to take care of my plants anymore. Most are borderline dead.They are outside now but the damage is pretty heavy. I will probably toss most of them soon. I guess growing plants wasn't meant for me as much as I thought. I have had a lot of mixed emotions lately because of school (girls, tests, projects, etc.) lately and I really just forgot about the plants. I will keep the plumeria that Laura gave me, I would keep the other one as well but it has since died. I will also keep the needle palm. I will probably give up on the rest.

I am still in Kentucky but Im moving again already. This time back to Virginia where I will stay (At least until I leave the house). It will be rough on me as this will be the third state I will have lived in since December (Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia). I will keep the plumeria inside for decoration, and Im going to plant the needle palm outise after I move as an experiment. I really dont want to leave KY, but it seems I have no choice in the matter. I have been really sad about that lately.

Well, I suppose that I have typed enough and I hope I havn't offended anyone. I wish all of you the best of luck with your plants and I hope they give you great joy.

This might very well be my last post. I may reply to responses though.

Thank you all for putting up with me.


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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

*I hope I havnt offended anyone.

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Hunter, Laura and I have been wondering what happened to you. I hope you don't give up on gardening. You'll get better at it. We've all lost many plants to mistakes, disease or just bad luck. But in time the victories out number the losses. Your move to Virginia will help with in ground palms. Gardening is good therapy to help you get through the tough stuff.

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Hang on to one plant-you can keep the torch burning that way!

Good luck buddy-

You know-

after growing plants(Bananas,palms,cactus etc)for years,I stepped away from it for a while when I moved here but
once I got back into it...it was like finding a lost love-

because it was.

If it is a passion-someday it will return.

Best wishes Hunter!

take care-

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Where in Virginia?

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Mastiffhoo would be a good garden mentor as he's in Lynchburg and if memory serves me, Hunter's family was planning a move somewhere nearby. Bedford?

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Hey Hunter, sorry to hear that your not to into plants these days. No matter what you do, find a hobby that you do love because its rare for people to have hobbies no matter what age you are and its a great thing that keeps your time busy. Definitely keep 1 or 2 plants and maybe one day you'll get back into the hobby.

I have my days (and weeks) when I just lose some interest in plants. Usually it happens during the winter or after a cold spell and I lose a lot of plants, or when I have backaches from bringing them all inside! But during those hot and humid days of summer the hobby always comes back.

I wish you luck on all your exams and relationships and whatever you do, dont be stressed about it! Plants are a great way of getting rid of stress, but when you really love what your doing, it can add a lot of stress too.

Thanks for updating us at least and I hope to see you on here again someday! Dont lose your password!

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Never say "Never" Dude... To be honest I was reading your plants focused thoughts with a great interest once you've posted them here. yes, I've been reading them never reacting on many interesting things. I like plants, I like palms but best of all I like these feedback on your statement the guys impressed. You will do everything you wanna do for sure. But the passion you show at the Palms Forum you won't give up. Enjoy your Virginia new house, new place, new relationships, new realities. I hope you will have a time sharing with plants you will been seeing there... Take care, the Hunter!

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Hey kid, we will miss you. I hope once you get to Va. and your settled in to your new Z7 environment. That you will once again get into plants. Good luck and best wishes.

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Hey Hunter

Its tough trying to balance social life, school, family, frequent moves and a hobby. It will be ok. Don't be hard on yourself. We all have had thing turn out not like we wanted. I hope we will see you back someday. You already have gained some valuable experience. Keith

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Wetsuiter, you are correct, I am in Lynchburg - actually, I am in Goode, which is directly between Bedford and Lynchburg (about 15 minutes either way).

I would most certainly try to help Hunter out, as much as I could.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Hunter!!!

I can sense your frustration in all of the moves that you have had to endure. Times can be tough at any age when things seem to be heavy on our shoulders...

The best thing you can do is to focus on what makes you happy and try and deal with the things that challange you.

We all here on the Palm Forum have had things happen in our life that have caused stress and we also have the same outlet in where we love our Palms and other Plants...We have all had our share of losses and i will say that sometimes you have to lose a plant in order to understand how to really take care of it. We learn from our mistakes and then we grow...

Take a break if that is what you need.. All of us have done this..

I am glad to hear that your Plumeria has done well for you!

Good Job!!!

Plants that are gifts make it even easier when we need a boost because they are given with care...

Take care of yourself and im sure you will love being in Virginia. You will enjoy seeing different types of plants that you can plant in the ground instead of planting into containers.

Things will get better Hunter.. they always do!!!

: )

Take good care,


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Hang in there, things always work themselves out in the long run. When things settle down, you'll find your love of plants again I bet :) Nice reading your posts, hopefully you come back to this forum sometime soon.

Take it easy Hunter.

- US_Marine

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Aww Hang in their buddy.... yeah i know school can be a busy time right now but just because you failed at planting and maintaining them dont give up.
be happy. Things could be alot worst.

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

Wow you guys thanks so much! I would like to thank you all for making me, a kid, feel welcome on this adult forum. It really means a lot to me. You all have given me such good advice and I appreciate it so much. Maybe I will start up again one day but for now I will just keep what I have. Laura, your plumeria is doing great. My foxtail palm (which I planted nearly a year ago) is just now making its first leaves. Haha I didnt think they were that slow haha. My needle is planted in the ground and I will see what will happen to it this winter. Hopefully it will survive.
But again thanks for helping me and making me feel welcome here. You are all very good people and I wish you all good luck on your plants. :)
Thank you all.

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Hey Hunter, are you moving??

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

Yep, I'm in Moneta.

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Moneta is a beautiful area. I forget, are you still in school? If so, I teach at Staunton River High.

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

mastiffhoo, Yes,I'm going to Stantun River High! :-D What grade do you teach? I'm going to be in the 9th grade.

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I teach 9th and 10th.

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Yay! A local palm mentor for Hunter!

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

Oh wow, thats really cool. What subject? I will have to look for you, because you could very well be one of my teachers. :)

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