Anyone Tried Storing Peony Buds in Fridge?

suel41452June 30, 2007

I read that you can put "marshmallow"-feeling buds(not too hard buds and not too unfurled) in ziploc bags in the fridge and keep them several weeks before putting them in vases and letting them bloom out. I wonder if anyone has tried this? If it worked it would be a good way to extend enjoyment of the blooms!

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brandyray(Coastal NC/8a)

I don't know about buds, but we always used to put big buckets of peony blooms in the fridge to keep for memorial day, and they were just like fresh. Brandy

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

I've put them in the fridge in bud. Worked like a charm! I cut them when just a little color was showing, dipped the stem in melted wax, then wrapped very slightly damp paper towels around the stems. Then put them in a plastic grocery bag and kept them in the crisper drawer. I took them out a couple of days before I wanted them, made a new cut and put them in water. They opened beautifully. Wish I had more fridge space to do that with, because it is a nice way to enjoy the peonies longer.

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Next year I'll try it! At my age - it seems like I blink and the peonies are bloomed & gone!!

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