Growing Stuff Indoors

Kathy_KY(z6 KY)June 10, 2002

Maybe I should post this on another forum, but I like this one, so there!

Does anyone have experience growing stuff indoors during the winter months? I would love to grow some tomatoes and other veggies and herbs.

Is this possible?


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It may work if you have enough sunlight and a south window. The herbs should work in any case, the tomatoes may or may not fruit. Cherry tomatoes produce best indoors. I have also heard of hanging baskets of lettuce and greens indoors in winter too.

This is really an extension of the zone 0 discussion posted recently. Zone 0 being the inside of the house. There are lots of things that can be done inside ... and not all are related to growing food.

"The field's set. Let's croq." Alas 4/28/01

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Kathy_KY(z6 KY)


I hadn't read that thread yet (didn't know what Zone 0 was). I'll skip over there for a looksy. Thanks!

All others, kindly disregard this thread.


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