Lo and behold

trishmick(z7NJ)April 27, 2012

Have begun to take my Windmill for granted I guess, because I only noticed this morning an unusual growth when taking a spin 'round the yard. Well, I'll be damned, my trachy is finally flowering...

Can see them emerging at the top right.

Close up view.

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Congrats!! When can we expect the cigars?? lol Always a good feeling when you apply TLC & get results.

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Very cool!

My Needle palm is flowering too!(-:

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Congrats! How long has it been in the ground and how big was it when you planted it? Trying to gauge for the future.

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Beautiful trachy! Cant wait until the day mine blooms. Still have several more years before mine is as beautiful as yours! Your palm was one of the inspirations for me to try a trachy out in a shadier spot of my yard. I really like the long petioles and dark green color of the fronds of shade grown trachys. So far my shade grown trachy doesnt have that nice look yet, but maybe some day!
Thanks for sharing and congrats!

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Thanks all. It is indeed a real pleasure to see the "fruits" of your labor. Every time my aunt comes by, I remind her how she said it would never survive. This tree was planted in the Spring of 2001 after a saw palmetto failed the year prior. It was ordered online and shipped from Florida in about a 3 gallon pot with no visible trunk. I remember thinking back then how psyched I would be once it gained some height, if it even made it through its first, or subsequent, Winter. After numerous mini greenhouses, Christmas lights, and now, nothing at all, here we are. In the Summer, it probably gets at least 6-7 hrs. of full sun, then, late afternoon shade due to a large maple under which I built a tiki bar. The fig tree next to it is much older, and unless I prune it way down, shades it some even more.

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Nice flowers. Maybe oneday my trachy will also flower

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Very nice, How tall is the trunk?

I only have minors in bloom this year! Not sure why my largest needle isn't in bloom. Still have a few years before any trachys are large enough to bloom.

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