Starting Peanuts the Permaculture way

ienjoy_my_cactus(8)June 11, 2011

I am going to get some green peanuts today to do some homemade boiled peanuts, but figured I have an empty side yard that would be great for growing some peanuts.

I've recently been turned on to permaculture and would like to give it a shot. I've looked for companion plants that do well with peanuts and have only found corn and squash to be suitable.

So the questions:

-My side yard is sandy, crappy dirt, void of most nutrients I would suspect. It is covered in a thin layer of foiliage from mostly oak tree's.

Should I leave the leaves and cover with compost?

Should I dig through the leaves to expose dirt and plant in the holes?

Should I plant squash and peanuts very close together or just in the same vicinity?

Any tips would be great at this point. Thanks

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I'm not sure if my way is considered the proper permie way, but this how I did it. I planted some peanuts as a cover crop this summer to enrich a very fallow area of my yard. It's in the back corner and gets some afternoon shade under a palm tree. This ground was mostly sand with rocks, bits of concrete, some light duff material on top from the palms and other wild plants that grow in that neglected corner of the yard. I opened a bag of peat moss and spread it all around and then worked it into the soil, the first 2" or so. Then I put a very small amount compost and a light layer of pine bark mulch on top. Then I watered the area with fish emulsion and soaked the bed real good w/water. My 4 year old daughter and I just threw the peanuts out there and barely covered them with layers of dirt/mulch . We watered and in about a week I have peanuts growing all over the place. They are happy where they are. I have sweet potatoes planted in there with them along the fences. So if they grew out here on my sandbar they'll grow in your yard.

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