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lakedallasmary(8 - North Central TX)June 22, 2007

Are there any eco villages in the united stated and if so where?

I am mostly researching this for the future. I know you will never know what will happen in the future, but one has to know one's options.

I have multiple chemical sensitivities and all that involves including being homebound. My husband does all the outside errands, and makes all the money for the family, but in the case of his death, I will probably have to move to someplace cheaper, and have resources closer to home. I do not drive due to my allergies. Being in the car causes extreme confusion due to gas fumes and synthetic fibers. So driving is not a good thing to do for me. I would like to live close to people that do not use chemicals all over their yards and are environmentally friendly type folks. Having a way to make money at home, to supplement life insurance and ira's would be beneficial. Working helps life go by easier too. Having too much idle time is so boring.

I would like to have a home very much smaller than what I live in now. Our kid is grown and if I end up by myself, I would only need a bedroom, living area, bath and kitchen. I do not care to live dorm style though. Although that was fun when I was 20, I do not think I would like to share a refrigerator with strangers now. Too much stolen food. I really did not like having folks stare at me when I washed my face.

I would like a place to raise veggies, without worrying if the neighbor's toxic fertilizers will run off to my land. I might like to see more than just one tree every 50 feet or so as in suburbia. Nature might help me to get over not having anyone to live with. I am not fond of cold weather. I have lived in Vermont and do not care to repeat arctic weather.

I am in toxic suburbia. Chemicals fly all summer. I hate how no one ever comes out of their houses, not even to get the mail. Some drive up to their mailboxes. Many pay to have their yards cut. The privacy fences are so high, there is no chance of ever finding out what the neighbors look like. Once I brought cookies to a new neighbor. They looked at me like I was crazy. I don't see how sitting in my house waiting till my hubby comes home so I have someone to talk to is living. If it were not for my garden, I think I would go insane (not far to go really)

I have read about communities where you park you car outside the village, and walk to your home. No cars allowed. They have social activities that you can choose to take part in or not.

I have searched the web for eco villages, but not finding the thing I am looking for. Mostly articles about the subject, or eco villages in other countries. I would not be totally against living in another English speaking country, but I would have to get on a plane to get there, and the pesticides they use between flights would probably kill me. Some flights spray the plant after the passengers board. That is not good for someone that can't even use typical grocery store shampoo, for all the synthetic chemicals.

Anyway, I am depressing myself, time to stop


PS I have some permaculture items to trade, where do I post those?

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

g'day mary,

here is one link i found:

eco villages

try a google there are yonks of sites there.


Here is a link that might be useful: len's garden page

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

me again mary,

just a word to the wise before you venture into a society like you are interested in:

find forums/boards where people who are/have lived in these communitites are chatting, that way you will get the fore's and against's so you can better guage if you realy want what currently may look like a cloud with a silver lining.

at the very least you will have the knowledge to ask all the right questions and be on the look out for those little traps that may be contained within. from some of what i have heard/seen the people who run/own these villages can be very dictatorial even though in first face to face they come across ever so friendly and flexible.

you will be buying into a covent so read and understand those terms, get legal advice maybe? when the going gets tough you may find it tough to get going out of there, as other buyers may not be so abundant. you will at the very least be dealing with a body corporate on a week to week or even daily basis and they can get very govemental with long termers dominating as well.

maybe try finding a rental in one of the villages and try before you buy.


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lakedallasmary(8 - North Central TX)

I think you are right.

I looked at one on-line. It was in north caralina.

They have fees coming at you from all directions. You rent the land from them, and of course have to pay a home home owners association type fee ($120 a year) to cover joint expenses. The membership fee is high like $4000, and non refundable. Paid labor fee, for when expertise that is required beyond the community service hours of the group ($140/year). Fees required to use community kitchen and bath while waiting for you house to be built. ($20/month I think). You live in a rented or purchased hut during the time your house is being built. hut fee ($40/month). I think over the rental fees. Since the house is built by members and paid labor with no loans, the house can take 7 years to complete. Until, then you are dragging your shampoo down the road to the community center.

You have to contribute 1500 community service hours to the group over a period of 10 years. (works out to 12.5 hours a month). I think they help each other build each others houses. usually straw bale or adobe and such. That part sounds nice.

site lease fee is 20,000, non refundable, but you can sell it to others. Beginning to sound like a time share!

special permission required to have a pet.

you have to be approved to become a member. Sounds too exclusive to me.

I think if I ever have to find a place to call home otr than what I am in now. I will buy some little cottage in the woods, and that will be that.

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

yes mary,

from the littel i have seen it is like a dictatorial commune where you pay for all their lifestyle, would reckon on also if anyone bought into them that come time to sell it may better to just walk away, as i reckon they will have power of veto over your sale as well.

might be for you when the time comes and we pray that is no time real soon, that a nice resort style unit in the country away from all the pollution of the cities, these resorts have medical staff on stand by and are readily saleable, again doing research in this quarter early will give you ideas and no rush to move leaves plenty of time to have a solicitor peruse the finer details.

my mother-in-law lives in one and she is very happy being self contained but close to medical, lots of activities available, also spoke to others in a local resort down on the bay all very happy. reckon on when your time comes that will be our future, especially by the bay. in MIL's case her and FIL moved in before his time so she is nicely settled now, with a resort full of friends.

take care and enjoy


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lakedallasmary(8 - North Central TX)

What do I search for via google to find one of these resort communities in the country?

I am 45 and hubby is 46. He drinks and smokes. I wonder when these bad habits will catch up to him? I am the sick one, but my health is improving due to lifestyle changes, such as eating a whole food diet (No processed food), getting a lot of sun via my garden, and trying to get to bed earlier. Stuff like that.

I have seen him slowing down in the last few years. It started to show when I got sick. I suppose all the stress from that, and having to do more of the work, errands and such.

I am probably worrying about nothing. My mom was very ill in the last ten years of her life. She always worried (scared to death really) about having to go live in a nursing home after dad died. He was 8 years older than her. She died at 60. Dad took care of her at home until the end. He is still with us, and is 72, and seems pretty healthy to me.

I guess in life, we tend to worry about things that never come to pass. I told my hubby of my concerns of him dying first. He said he had always thought I would die first. (since I was the sick one) I had health issues even when he first married way back 21 years ago.

I like the idea of being around other old folks if the time comes to that. I hate to think I will stare at four walls and have no one to talk to. I am hoping to not be homebound by that time, so I can at least get out from time to time. Chemicals, perfumes and such do not bother me as much as they once did. I used to fall on the floor when someone walked by with perfume or scented deodorant on. Now, although I think that stuff smells horrible, I don't fall down. My immune system is horrible. If folks would not wear scented products I might be able to get out into public. Oh well, can't change other folks.

Someone told me of a assistance dog this collage student had. She is chemically sensitive to. He would pull her away from scented folks and other things so she would not get sick.

getting way off topic, so I need to quit.

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

g'day mary,

try this link it may give you a lead in?:


some are attached to convelescent type accommodation, some are run by religous groups others private might even be some gov' run one's?

but yes being with people of similar age and ilk looks like the way to go, MIL and all people where she is are out and about often on bus excursions (gets so that my wife has to book an appointment to visit her mum) etc.,. some places have their own bowls green, tennis courts heated pools, water aerobics classes all are near shopping centres, all are secure. sounds like hubby could do some changes hey? he will feel better for it and live longer healthier, not wanting to preach but been there done that all bad habits not needed.

anyhow back on topic do the research now you may even see the benefit of buying in early, their homes increase in real value just like any other property you may own.


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