Cuttings from pepper plant???

pepperyjoeJanuary 28, 2008

Hey ya'll, I've been thinking of trying to root some cuttings from a Bhut jolokia plant. Can peppers be propogated that way? I have no experience doing this so i'll be winging it. My bhut jolokia plant (that i grew last summer) got both it's roots and top trimmed down to a few 3 inch branches, I then potted it into a small pot. The plant about 2 weeks after it's haircut seemed to bounce back and grow some leaves and some small new branches. It seems to be in good health but i'd like to have a few more. Can i make it happen by rooting cuttings? will they root? Is this a waste of time or should i start seeds taken from pods last year. However i do not know if the bhut plant crossed with some of my other peppers from last year. What procedure has been used with success (if any) for peppers? does anyboby have firsthand experiece with this? what do you think. Well ya'll are always kind with sharing info and i am always grateful for you sharing your years of chile experience with me.

Thank You in advance for any info, advice or suggestions.


-eAt the hEat-

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Yes you can root cuttings. I did them in damp vermiculite but others do them in plain peat, or just a glass of water. You want to use the tender growing shoots not the woodier parts.


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I reproduce mostly by cloning and have for a long time. It beats the success % of seeds and you are sure of what comes up.

Chiles will dwarf a little if you clone once; the will keep dwarfing if you keep cloning.

I just put the slip in rockwool and put back in hydro with no other amendments. In 21 days or less, I can see the new roots.

Methods are nicely covered in the attached site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cuttings

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naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan(5B SW Michigan)

Great link willard3 Even gave me ideas why I'm having trouble rooting cuttings of other plant types. I like the advice to try several as not all will root. Why do I get upset when not everything works?!? Should be glad that at least some does.

Are the plants smaller or the pods smaller (or both) on the clones.

Does it matter if or where you have a buried leaf node on your cutting?

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This is a 9 yr old 3rd generation clone purira that is quite dwarfed. Plant was grown in hydro.

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My cloned plants from last season were not dwarfed at all. They were actually some of my biggest plants, and pods.

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shelbyguy(z5 IL)

It'll still grow a large plant, but the growth habit will be changed from an upright habit to a more compact, bushy growth habit.

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I am very eager to try this! What is the best place to pick up a bottle of CLONEX?

Are there any other name brands that I should look at?

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I don't use any amendments for cloning and my success rate is way above 95%.

I have tried both with and without cloning stuff and the results are the same with chiles.

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Glad to hear you can clone chilies Willard. I've tried to clone a few cutting and had mixed results. Two Fatalli's didn't take, one in soil, and one in rockwool. I'm trying Manzanos right now. Aji Lemondrop was very easy to clone.

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shelbyguy(z5 IL)

Thats hilarious that you say that because lemon drop has always been reluctant to root for me. Everything else is always done in 2 weeks. I must not be talking nicely enough to it or something :)

I rooted a bunch of aji colorado, lemon drop, and coban over the last two months. for no particular reason. One of these years I'm going to challenge myself to see just how many plants I can make from one seed...

I use schutz or rootone (basically whatever rooting powder is on the shelf at the garden center) and rockwool, and a humidity dome.

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Ok, i need a link to the most basic, simple, step by step instructions... Im stuck on picking the right part of the plant to cut off. How thick should the stem be?

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If you check my post above, there is a link to cuttings.

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I believe young new growth clones best. I'm trying to root some very small basil tips right now. It's possible that young cuttings that have not been subjected to temperature or water stress have a greater growth potential. Older clones may set fruit faster, but stay more compact.

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pkapeckopickldpepprz(z9 a/b FL)

Willard, can you explain the cuttingboard setup? First of all what is it? How is there oxygenated water without a pump? I must be missing something and I am betting this isn't your typical plastic cuttingboard from the kitchen...

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